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We specialize in complex Spanish translations of technical documents, manuals and specifications for a broad range of industries. No matter what your field or industry, our tested team of experts has your Spanish technical translation needs covered.

Spanish technical translations

Our technical translation services are trusted by companies and organizations such as:

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Spanish Technical Translation Services


A technical translation is a specialized translation involving materials that deal with technical subjects and are used in a broad spectrum of applications, from engineering or scientific information right through to marketing copy. Any document that relies heavily on detailed subject knowledge can be considered technical in nature.


For close to two decades, industry leaders have come to rely on our technical translation company for their translation projects. Our clients operate in a diverse array of industries, such as the automotive, electronic, manufacturing, medical, legal, engineering, aeronautical and communications sectors.

Clients and Case Studies in Spanish Technical Translation

We have an extensive track record of delivering high quality Spanish technical translation services to international companies and organizations from a wide range of sectors. Here are some recent case studies in technical translation.

Technical translation client Grainger


Since 2002, we have been a principal supplier of technical translation services in Spanish for Grainger's internal translation requirements. Our firm has translated a wide variety of technical documents, including technical spec sheets, material safety data sheets (MSDS) and most notably the yearly translation of their product catalog into Spanish.

Client background: W. W. Grainger, Inc. is a Fortune 500 industrial supply company founded in 1927 in Chicago. Grainger serves more than 3 million customers worldwide with offerings such as motors, lighting, material handling, fasteners, plumbing, tools, and safety supplies.

Featured project: English to Spanish technical translation of Grainger's product catalog for Mexico and other Latin American countries. The catalog encompasses the translation of more than 100,000 product descriptions, around 2,800 pages and more than 1 million words each year.

Spanish Translation of Technical Product Catalog

Technical translation client Brady


AlfaTrad was appointed by Brady to translate into Spanish diverse materials for their lockout/tagout products, including product catalogs and technical data sheets.

Client background: Brady Corporation is a manufacturer of products for identifying components used in workplaces. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Brady employs 6,600 people in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Featured project: English to Spanish translation of a 60-page technical product catalog into Spanish, including product descriptions, specifications and the localization of all graphic elements.

Spanish Translation of Product Catalog

Technical translation client Loctite


AlfaTrad was commissioned by Loctite to translate material safety data sheets (MSDS) and technical data sheets into Spanish for their Latin American markets within a very short deadline.

Client background: Loctite, a division of Henkel, is a global manufacturer of adhesives, sealants and surface treatments that include acrylic, anaerobic, cyanoacrylate, epoxy, hot melt, silicone, urethane and UV/light curing technologies.

Featured project: Translation of a complete set of material safety data sheets (MSDS) and technical data sheets from English to Spanish for Loctite's line of adhesive products.

Spanish Translation of MSDS Sheets

Technical translation client Omron


As a long-standing translation partner, AlfaTrad has worked closely with Omron in the translation of hundreds of product catalogs, technical guides, selection guides and data sheets.

Client background: Omron is a manufacturer of control equipment, factory automation systems, electronic components, automotive electronics, ticket vending machines and medical equipment.

Featured project: Translation of product catalogs and data sheets into Spanish for Omron's power supply products.

Spanish Translation of Technical Spec Sheet


A Quick Word About Our...

Spanish Technical Translators

Our solid team of technical Spanish translators and linguists have been carefully selected after a rigorous testing process. They possess an excellent command of both the English and Spanish languages, along with an in-depth understanding of the subject matter.


Our technical translators are matched with clients based on their individual experience within the technical industry. This ensures that not only are you working with a highly qualified language professional, but you also benefit from their deep understanding of the terminology used in your field.


Translation of Technical Documents into Spanish

Following is a list of the types of technical documents we commonly translate:

  Technical documentation

  Engineering specifications

  Material safety data sheets (MSDS)

  User manuals

  Safety guides

  Product manuals

  Specifications and data sheets

  Operation manuals

  Online help

  Instruction manuals


  Design specifications


Supported File Formats

Our translation platform can handle a wide variety of file types and formats, including the following. If your file type isn’t listed below, rest assured that our team of experts will be able to accommodate you.


























Why Choose Us as Your Technical Translation Services Vendor

  • Subject Matter Specialization

    All of our technical translators are experts in their fields to ensure that they use specialized language and terminology in your translation.

  • Experience

    We've been providing Spanish translation services for close to two decades, so whatever your translation needs, it's very likely that we've done it before.

  • ISO QA Process

    Our English to Spanish technical translations rigidly adhere to the applicable international standards dictated by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

  • Quality

    Robust language translation process: technical translator, editor and proofreader. Every translation is proofread by a specialized linguist at no additional cost to you.

  • Speed

    Our extensive network of specialized, industry-specific Spanish translators allows us to offer you very quick turnaround times — express service available for your urgent documents.

  • Scale

    We have the necessary resources to accommodate even the most extensive projects in order to meet your needs, without compromising the quality of your translation.

3-Step Quality Assurance Process for Your Technical Translation

Our quality control process requires that 3 expert linguists work on your project: a translator, an editor and a proofreader. Every one of these specialists is a professional Spanish technical translator, a native speaker of the target language and a subject matter expert. Here's a closer look at the three main steps of the translation process.

  • Translation

    After we receive your technical documents, we analyze them very carefully in order to determine the scope of the project, extract the key terminology and create a glossary. Our specialized Spanish translators begin converting the original text into the target language.

  • Editing

    Once the initial translation is completed, a different linguist reviews it to make sure that it is an accurate rendition of the original document. During this second step of the translation process, the text is also checked in order to eliminate any errors, typos, mistranslations or omissions.

  • Proofreading

    In this final stage, we perform a final review to make sure that the translation sounds natural and is clearly understood in the target language. In addition, the entire document is checked for grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, sentence structure and clarity.

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